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When a madman attacks Batman with a new and powerful fear toxin, The Dark Knight visits the coldest and most distant part of his soul. And as his deepest fears resurface, he must rely on old friends to help quell the terrible effects, and to remind him of his true mission as a hero. But what Batman discovers hidden in a moment of courage may change his life forever... for a dark figure from his past has returned – the one adversary The Dark Knight truly fears.

Note Batman, Superman, and Scarecrow are the only ones who are real in this issue. The other character are seen in a Fear Toxin induced Flash page scene.

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Less Terrible, Still Useless 0

The original version of this cover was yellow, and it suited Scarecrow really well. The actual release has a purple toned color, and it looks really muddled. The idea is decent, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.As Batman falls prey to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin... SOMEHOW (despite affirming that he's long since built up an immunity to it) the following scene delivers a decent surreal tone. I've seen much better, but it wasn't bad.Then Superman shows up, a continued piece of the 'Batman c...

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Batman The Dark Knight #5 0

Batman is on an adventure with Writer/Co-plotter Paul Jenkins and Artist/Co-Plotter David Finch. As David lead the charge for a great a mystical Gotham City and Batman in 2011 before Flashpoint, he is now returning to the series that he had helped create to tell more interesting Batman stories. As the artwork of David Finch is much acclaimed the team of Jenkins and Finch are going to bend and break Batman to their will to discover what the Dark Knight truly fears.The GoodWhile this is not like S...

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