darkestknight2_0's Batman: The Dark Knight #4 - The Dark Knight Falls review


This issue helped change the face of DC comics as there has never been before this issue a comic that has pitted both superman and batman- two of the worlds most iconic heroes- against one another. the best thing about this issue is that batman beats superman up without the use of kryptonie which i think is excellent because by using krptonite to beat superman up to over used by some writers and i'm glad that miller found a way to beat him up without using kryptonite. I like how miller never once used the name "superman" throughout the issue. some parts of it is sad, meaning the part where batman "dies" but by far an excellent issue for the dark knight returns
Posted by the referee

Wait a minute I think your confused. Batman did indeed defeat Superman but it was with the aid of Kryptonite. At some point in the battle Green Arrow shot Superman with an arrow made of Kryptonite and Batman took advantage of the situation to take the win. Please check your facts.

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