gr2blackout's Batman: The Dark Knight #2 - A Rush of Blood review

Good in a weird way

Before I start, I have to admit I haven't read that much Batman recently. So, in this issue, I'm kind of confused with some of the stuff.

The Cover

To be honest, I didn't really get this issue because of the cover. Usually I sort of judge a book by the cover, but this time I didn't really like the cover. When I want to buy a Batman comic, I usually dont get one with a muscular Two-Face beating the crap out of Batman. I have to say, though, the art and details were good on this cover. Recently, comic book covers haven't been that good. This cover was, well, meh. But it looked like a story I would not like to read.

The Story

The issue was pretty interesting. The cover didn't exactly give me the right idea of what to think about the issue. But I have to say I quite enjoyed this issue. One of the reasons I got it was to catch up on Batman, and I ended up enjoying it. I was either getting this or an issue of Flash, and I have to say my main choice was Flash, but I figured I've read too much Flash as it is. I have to say that now I'm happy I went with this. I didn't enjoy EVERY part of the issue, but as I said before, it was okay.


This issue kind of confused me in some points, but I understood most of it. The basic story, at least. I usually wont even bother to check out issues that have a muscular, almost grotesque, Two-Face on them. Actually, this is like the only comic to have a muscular Two-Face on the cover, but you get the point. If this review was just on the cover, I wouldn't have much to say.


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