twilightthunder's Batman: The Dark Knight #1 - The Dark Knight Returns review

A dystopic version of Batman's possible future!

Miller did some good work back in the 80s when working with Dc comics... They were Ronin, Batman: Year One and this one... In my opinion one of his ultimate masterpieces: Batman The Dark Knight Returns. An extensive version of Batman's possible future (just like Gran Morrison's 666th Batman issue) Where our beloved Bruce Wayne has clearly the "Ol' Warhorse" Perennial Personality... Now, when he's 50 years old he must strike again the streets because of the impending chaos and mayhem overrunning his beloved Gotham City. I really like Miller's portrait of Batman in this comic book (i even own the shirt!!!!) He's clearly an old man, yet he seems strong as ever... Miller's Gotham City is just as awesome as the book, an overcrowded, crime-bent dangerous city, dominated by all kinds of street gangs afraid of our Batman.

 I recommend this book for those who really would like to see a Batman dystopic portray in all his Noir, Gritty, Glory.

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