guardiandevil801's Batman: The Dark Knight #1 - Knight Terrors review

Fear is a Cannibal!!!

Batman faces trouble both as Batman and Bruce Wayne in this comic. In the beginning of the story Batman talks about fear, while heading to a charity. He meets detective Forbes and Jaina Hudson and faces trouble at Arkham Asylum. He helps the cops get the Asylum under control, but soon meets a white rabbit and a new and bigger Two-Face at the end. The art is awesome and I love it. David Finch does a good job and I can't wait to read more. Overall, I'm giving it a 4/5 because the story is getting interesting, the art is awesome, and I can't wait to see how Batman goes up against a bigger Two-Face in the next issue. Also Bruce Wayne faces trouble with Detective Forbes over Batman Inc too.


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    So here's the fourth and final Batman book.  There seems to be a lot of nice, tight interplay between the four books.  (of course that’s easy now before everyone gets out of sync)  This one seems to crossover slightly with Batman with the revitalization project Bruce is working on.  The biggest flaw with this book is that although it's the exact (hint: not actually exact, per say) mirror image of Batman, it just doesn't work as well.  What do I mean about mirror image?  Batman starts at Arkham a...

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    The Good: If nothing else, David Finch's artwork is admittedly awesome. There's an especially cool part where Batman punches a clown and there's some subtle blurring done to show depth.There's a cool thematic monologue here about fear that runs through the issue and comes full circle. The choice of villains in the scene is interesting, it kind of counterparts the ones in Batman #1, and has some slightly more obscure choices.  The Bad: Basically, there's just SO much here that's blatantly retread...

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