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Knight of Repeats

This is a good book with a number of short comings that I don't think are the writers fault. And by the nature of these problems it will be spoilertastic. If you liked BtDK before and will likely want to pick up books other than this one you'll want to pick this one up simply for a few references for the overall story arc, but if you don't pick this up you're not missing anything. So now on to issues with the issue.

First off, the general story direction is inverse to Batman #1. You start off with Bruce giving a speech about Gotham's future followed by him meeting new characters followed by stuff going wrong at Arkham and then there is a mystery that crops up with a surprise ending. The same thing happens where the 2 major settings are reversed. The speech that Bruce gives isn't as good, and the shock at the end is meh.

Secondly, The book as far as I have heard is supposed to focus more on the mystical things Bruce comes across so him going up against Two-Face at the end isn't really doing what it's supposed to do.

Thirdly, The Batman, Inc. stuff shouldn't be in this book. It shouldn't be in any book really other than Batman, Inc. and at least not till it's reintroduced as a comic.

Fourthly, the female introduced is either a love interest or a maiden in distressed or a Evil Spy plant to take advantage of Wayne or something. This is obvious and I wish we could just leave it out or be more up front about it which would make it so much more interesting, because the "oooh it's a mystery thing" is lame

Fifthly. I was liking the female girl character that was introduced in the previous arc. She interesting with what little we know about her, she's someone Bruce would take interest in, and she'd be an excellent person to use to introduce the world of Batman to the audience...

#6. We are not introduced to the character and while we know things from his actions we know nothing about him

#7. The inner monologue during the Arkham thing was terrible and the entire scene would have been much more effective without it.

The book could have been better and a lot of it was repeat... of book that was better. I think if this was on it's own it'd get a higher rating but with the expectations not being met and the repeat... it loses a lot... and while it's above average it's tainted by those problems.

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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Considering all your criticisms, I feel like you still gave the book a higher score than it deserves. You made a lot of good points though!

Posted by Durakken

@The Mighty Monarch:

I agree to a point...

#1 flaw isn't it's fault,

#2 I don't know whether that is true or not,

#3. it seems that the Batman Inc stuff is being forced into the other Batman titles so not the books fault and it wasn't badly done

#4. Not really a flaw so much as been there done that... it's what happens when you read about characters like Batman.

#5. Not sure if this was dropped due to the reboot or not. This was more about expectations of me as a previous reader than what should have been there.

So when you take all that out there is only 2 problems with this book that aren't good and it is overall a better book than the average book.

See the reason it's marked a 3.5 has to do with the star system... when i started rating all these I marked 3 as average because i didn't know there was half stars... Without the half star 3 is average and I've been marking as such so the average score would be 3 in all my past reviews...even though they should be 2.5.

but that just means that .5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 are considered below average making it so there is a larger range of bad and a lower range of good... you could also look at it as a 5.5 rating would mean perfect, but nothing will ever get it cuz there are no absolute perfect books ^.^

So anyways This book is slightly above average (3) and as that's the case, it gets the next star rating up which is 3.5.

Also 3 is average for most people when they look at a star rating system anyways even if it's not really so it works out ^.^

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