edwardwindsor's Batman: The Dark Knight #1 - Knight Terrors review

Bright new tittle for the Dark Knight

Before i get to the nitty gritty of the actual review let me explain where iam coming from so people can better understand my view point. I have read quite a few batman novels but never bought a continuous series before, due to a combination of a wide array of tittles and never catching the boat fast enough when i new series starts. Howeveer today i arrived early and have bagged myself an #1. Enough about me lets get the the review.

The Good

I was drawn to the art and having heard good thing about Finch's previous work on the same title prior to the great 52 reset i have to say i wasnt dissapointed. The style of both Batman and his beloved Gotham come across really well on paper and the issue itself has plenty of variation in the panels showing a good mix of Gotham skyline , infamous locations and some nice action shots. The story itself is a great point to start the writing really sums up Bruce with some great fear inspired dialogue when in batman mode and some smoother witty charm as Bruce. The plot doenst require much back history knowledge since it lays out the pieces nicely for you. But the story also offers extras for people who know their Batman, the reavel at the end of will get both old and new Bat-fans back for the next issue.

The Bad

Really theres very little to complain about it in my view, the only reason i didnt give it the maximum score is because while the set up and art for this issue are both great being a first issue its a set up for the new run. Its hard to give it a full score since its the first chapter its meant to draw you in and want to read more which it does in fie fashion. Its subtle hints and leads into where the series may go are strong. But since its the very start its just hints for now and hence not the straight for the throat story and progression you will see later in the series i imagine.

The Verdict

Well as you can see form the review itself and my score i believe this book to be a very strong title carrying both of the key elements for a successfull Batman story (great charecter and style). If you are looking for a good new Batman book and dont know where to start this could be the book for you. A strong start to the series and a bright future for the dark knight is on the horizion. As you can see below Thumbs up from me

Posted by Stikklebrik

Loved it as an issue and totally agree with your comment about Finch's continuation, but, there was no real obvious point made that this was a reboot, in fact considering the original dark knight only had 5 (?) issues I would say this isn't really a reboot but a continuation.

Shame that Finch isn't writing and drawing but I did think that at one point Batman was a little too muscular and it didn't quite look right.

Great issue all the same and most definitely one for the pull list.

Posted by mynameis7

HAHA love the picture. I would be doing that for alot of the batman related new 52's also.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

@Stikklebrink Yeah its an intresting sceneario when theres little seperation from the previous run and this. I have alked with people who read the last run and most of said it could literally just flow straight from that. Still think its a solid starting point though since its not mid story or anything.

@Mynameis7 thought i would add the personal touch lol

Posted by limbani

do you work for DC?

Posted by EdwardWindsor

@Limbani nope i dont , i just liked the issue why?

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