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Bright new tittle for the Dark Knight 0

Before i get to the nitty gritty of the actual review let me explain where iam coming from so people can better understand my view point. I have read quite a few batman novels but never bought a continuous series before, due to a combination of a wide array of tittles and never catching the boat fast enough when i new series starts. Howeveer today i arrived early and have bagged myself an #1. Enough about me lets get the the review.The GoodI was drawn to the art and having heard good thing about...

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Starts so slowly I all most nodded off. 0

The beginning of this issue was so agonizingly slow that I all most skipped pages. The art in this book is excellent, I all most took out my camera a couple of times to takes snaps to put up on my computer. Especially toward the last 25% when Bruce FINALLY pulls out the Batman costume. I really liked the end, and I REALLY hope the next issue picks up directly where this one left off. Because THAT will be a good issue. But this is a fine start, albeit a slow one. I did like the dialogue, which ha...

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Another Great Batman 0

David Finch's last Dark Knight was a good but their were ton of delays. This time, DC Comics has said that this isn't going to be an issue on any title. Should you give in?  THE GOOD: The art is amazing. I really like David Finch and that is why I get this series. The story is also cool. I love seeing how Batman becomes Bruce. I also liked seeing some of the events in The Dark Knight Vol.1 come into this. I really like seeing Batman kicking some villains butt and I feel that this series has a go...

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Hopping Down the Bunny Trail 0

After a troubled start, Batman: the Dark Knight returns with the aid of Paul Jenkins in the writer's chair to hopefully keep it on time. But even as we have Batman facing a deadly riot at Arkham Asylum, this new first issue doesn't give much reason for why this series should have returned.There is a weird sense to deja vu reading this issue. Bruce Wayne makes an inspirational speech about his plans for the future of Gotham City. He meets a lot of people at the very same social function, includin...

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Knight of Repeats 0

This is a good book with a number of short comings that I don't think are the writers fault. And by the nature of these problems it will be spoilertastic. If you liked BtDK before and will likely want to pick up books other than this one you'll want to pick this one up simply for a few references for the overall story arc, but if you don't pick this up you're not missing anything. So now on to issues with the issue.First off, the general story direction is inverse to Batman #1. You start off wit...

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Stand in the Place Where You Are 0

So here's the fourth and final Batman book.  There seems to be a lot of nice, tight interplay between the four books.  (of course that’s easy now before everyone gets out of sync)  This one seems to crossover slightly with Batman with the revitalization project Bruce is working on.  The biggest flaw with this book is that although it's the exact (hint: not actually exact, per say) mirror image of Batman, it just doesn't work as well.  What do I mean about mirror image?  Batman starts at Arkham a...

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A flat and lifeless Batman book 0

The new "Dark Knight" #1 gives David Finch a second chance at putting together a good Batman series. Prior to DC's full relaunch, Finch had started a promising storyline but it fell apart due to huge shipping delays. Unfortunately Finch's second shot at a Dark Knight title starts nowhere near as strong as his first series.   This issue never clicked for me. The first half of the book takes place at a charity function but it's main purpose is to introduce the new supporting characters. We get a ...

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Batman: The Uninspired Cash Grab 0

The Good: If nothing else, David Finch's artwork is admittedly awesome. There's an especially cool part where Batman punches a clown and there's some subtle blurring done to show depth.There's a cool thematic monologue here about fear that runs through the issue and comes full circle. The choice of villains in the scene is interesting, it kind of counterparts the ones in Batman #1, and has some slightly more obscure choices.  The Bad: Basically, there's just SO much here that's blatantly retread...

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Bruce the Playboy 0

David Finch's artwork is worth the price of admission alone here. A significant portion of the issue features Bruce Wayne in his playboy guise enjoying himself. A new love interest has arrived in the form of Jaina Hudson. Bruce is embroiled with an overzealous member of Gotham's PD, and of course the inmates have broken out at Arkham. Essentially, this reboot of a fairly new series that was only around for a couple of months to begin with, is nothing overly new or bold or groundbreaking, but for...

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Parent Of Your Own Fear 0

The Story: Bruce Wayne gives a speech at an event where afterwards, he is questioned by Lieutenant Forbes. A breakout occurs at Arkham Asylum where Batman runs into the White Rabbit for the first time.  My Thoughts:This is the fourth Batman series out of the new 52 written by Paul Jenkins and drawn by David Finch. This series probably won't get as much attention as the other Batman titles and may go unnoticed by a lot. The series shows potential and may fly under the radar. Only time will tell. ...

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Why don't you try to catch me? 0

I am a little behind the curve on this one as I had not expected to read any Gotham related titled this month, but this got recommended to me for maybe not the right reasons.  I do like Batman, in fact I used to be so engrossed in the Bat titles that it was all I read.  I can say after reading this issue, that I feel a compelling desire to go back.  The setup is a little lame, it actually felt like something out of one of the Shumacher films, but the issue goes right into the intrigue.  An exoti...

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Welcome To Gotham Please Don't Feed The Inmates 0

Jenkins and Finch step up to the plate and hit grand slam with their contribution to the new DCU!The Good StuffIt has been my long standing view that any good batman story starts and end with the right artist. As one of the most visually stunning characters in comics, it is critical to portray Batman as what he is, a Dark Avenger of Justice and as such he should look as menacing and bold as the city he protects and the villains he fights.So I was truly delighted to see Finch truly capturing what...

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Dark Knight: Nursery Crimes! 0

Paul Jenkins joins David Finch for Batman the Dark Knight will it suffer the same delays as before? Plot:  Arkham Asylum has a breakout and the Batman's most obscure villains return(Ragdoll, Zebra Man, Mortician,Reaper, & Fright) and a new one(White Rabit) are roaming the streets of Gotham while Two Face makes his return to the DCNU what does he want and what has changed him? Good: Other then a bit of diologue(ex; last page) the diologue is overall pretty great and Paul Jenkins continues to ...

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Pathetic Violence and Nudity 0

Before I even start this review, I want to point out that to this point I really thought that Batman and family books had been high quality across the line. This is the exception.The Good: If nothing else, The Dark Knight is meh eye candy.The Bad: Everything else as this issue has more flaws than a hipster's concert attire has designed mismatches.The first and most obvious is the immediate comparison it draws to the much superior Scott Snyder Batman in terms of the plot. Both involve an opening ...

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At least Finch's art is good 1/2 the time. 0

I am from Toronto and I will admit David Finch (a local boy) let me down on this.  The plot is shallow and the art was inconstant, such as the pages when Jaina Hudson is introduced, both Bruce and her facial structures change drastically, which gets really offsetting with the changes in color of skin tone as well.  I understand shades and shadows, I just was taken out of the world with the awkward change of faces and colors.  With all the Bat books on the shelf there had to be a loser of the bun...

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"I Guess Our Permission Just Arrived" 0

Synopsis   Breakout at Arkham Asylum! If that wasn't bad enough, Batman must begin to deal with the legal ramifications of Batman Incorporated. The Good   David Finch hands over the writing duties to Paul Jenkins, so he can concentrate on the art. I quite like his style, it is dark, broody and full of deep shadowing yet unique style. There are some pretty cool single and double page spreads, such as the (obscure) villain mob breaking out and the last page. Heck, I'll admit I liked it all!  As a ...

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Fear is a Cannibal!!! 0

Batman faces trouble both as Batman and Bruce Wayne in this comic. In the beginning of the story Batman talks about fear, while heading to a charity. He meets detective Forbes and Jaina Hudson and faces trouble at Arkham Asylum. He helps the cops get the Asylum under control, but soon meets a white rabbit and a new and bigger Two-Face at the end. The art is awesome and I love it. David Finch does a good job and I can't wait to read more. Overall, I'm giving it a 4/5 because the story is getting...

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Great things are coming... 0

I liked this issue. It starts out a little slow, but I got the impression that the writers have some good stuff planned. I like the way they switch from the sophistication of the upper class of Gotham to the violence of Arkham Asylum - it's an interesting, dramatic contrast. Overall, not my favorite Batman title (how can you beat Scott Snyder's run on Batman?), but I still think it will be pretty good....

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