super_man_23's Batman: The Dark Knight #1 - Golden Dawn, Part One review

Batman The Dark Knight #1: Gotham's Knight

The Dark Knight is back and better than ever! With Batman Incorporated soaring with really great success, Batman Inc doesn't stop there. With two Batmen in Gotham City, Bruce is watching over Batman Incorporated and recruiting many men and women to join in the fight against crime! As many talented writers and artist are taking care of the many Batman titles that are released, David Finch joins in the fun. Not just partaking in as just artist, however writer also, David will be creating an all new series about a supernatural/crime like Gotham City. With a brand new monthly series, David is writing and drawing Batman like never before! Bruce Wayne is on a hunt to find a childhood friend that he forgot about years ago, however when crime comes between finding his friend and battling crime at the same time, Batman will have to fight many of his villains to complete the mission. With inker Scott Williams. 

The Good

I'm really excited about this series! Seeing his work in Batman: The Return #1 (One-Shot) was really just, extraordinary. I like everything about David's artwork and the many covers he's drawn for both, Marvel and DC Comics, and I've also enjoyed some of the other covers he's drawn for random publishers. However, when I saw he was starting to write a series, I just had to say this is one of the greatest things to happen in 2011. While this comic came out on the last week of December 2010, 2011 is Batman The Dark Knight's series rightful place. One of the things I expect from this entire series is to keep it interesting. I want this series to become as famous, or, even more famous than the current run on Batman. In this first story arc, Batman is on a case to find his old friend, Dawn Golden, and bring her back. The mystery on why Bruce has been thinking about his old childhood friend is yet to be revealed, however it is interesting to see how David is digging into more of Bruce's childhood.  
I personally enjoyed the artwork more in this comic than the artwork in David's work in Batman The Return. Anyway, the story was really excellent! David Finch is did a great job on the first issue, I think he's really digging deep into Batman's story lines. I would like to see more fighting. Seeing Batman fight would be a little bit better, but I like how each character interacts with one another. Alfred really looks old in this comic. While he's not as old as Jim Gordon (I think), I could really see the wrinkles on his face expressing that Alfred is old. While age is really not a concept that really matters in comics, I still enjoy seeing a little age here-an-there in comics. The bat-cave rebuilt was shown in Batman The Return, but it didn't really give a good glimpse of the cave. Seeing everything in the cave makes you stop and think about the time that it took to draw just that one page.  


The Bad

 Nothing, but good to say!

The Verdict

 Batman The Dark Knight #1 should be bought by all Batman fans. Sure its another Bat-title, but this is really good. David Finch and Scott Williams is working on this series and issue two comes out in February. Overall this is 5 out of 5. 

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