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A Great Sign of Things to Come 0

The Good: Alex Sinclair's colors do WONDERS for David Finch's artwork. Finch's artwork already looked very detailed and the colors add a whole other layer of detail to it. It has this quality to it that reminds me A LOT of the fantastic Jim Lee's artwork. But can he write as well as he draws? The answer is yes. Batman has a ridiculous degree of inner monologuing in this issue and all of it is phenomenal. He breaks everything down to the tiniest detail, and it still never feels too wordy. Finch c...

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Batman: The Dark Knight Issue 1 Review 0

       If one thing has come from the relaunching of Batman (again) this year, it's the plethora of new Batman titles filling shelves every month. With Batman: The Dark Knight, the last of these titles hits, bringing the complete total up to an astounding 5 that focus on just Batman, with his reach extending to an additional 5 that I can think of off the top of my head. With so many Batman books, a new title has to do a lot to establish its own voice. Throw in a first time writer and you have an...

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Finch Pulls It Off 0

After Tony Daniel's horrible start on writing (though he has improved), I was not expecting much from David Finch's attempt at the dual writer/artist title. That makes this issue a pleasant surprise as Finch turns in a good start to a Batman story that sees Bruce Wayne investigating a missing persons case that he has a personal interest in.  A childhood friend of Bruce's has gone missing, and he goes through familiar faces of his rogues gallery such as Killer Croc and Penguin in an attempt to tr...

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Can David Finch & Company Justify Another Batman Title? 0

Batman gets another ongoing series focusing on the supernatural side of Gotham City written and drawn by David Finch.  The Good There's almost something eerie about seeing flashback sequences with Bruce Wayne. We've seen the occasional glimpses into young Bruce's life but we get to see him the year before he lost both his parents. I figured we'd see a flashback of this sort and I was worried it might come across as too forced or feel cheap. Luckily it didn't feel that way. Seeing Bruce as a chil...

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Batman: The Dark Knight #1 0

David Finch wears multiple hats while tackling the Goddamn Batman! Suffice it to say one hat fits and looks way better than the other.  The Good The art is the main attraction of this show. From looking at the cover you can tell that Finch is a guy who "gets" Batman's look, his world. Overall he does a great job of capturing the visual elements of Batman and Gotham city. This is particularly apparent during the fight with Killer Croc .   I like that we get a look into Bruce's childhood that does...

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Batman The Dark Knight #1: Gotham's Knight 0

The Dark Knight is back and better than ever! With Batman Incorporated soaring with really great success, Batman Inc doesn't stop there. With two Batmen in Gotham City, Bruce is watching over Batman Incorporated and recruiting many men and women to join in the fight against crime! As many talented writers and artist are taking care of the many Batman titles that are released, David Finch joins in the fun. Not just partaking in as just artist, however writer also, David will be creating an a...

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Batman is Dark and Cool!!!!!!!! 0

I enjoyed reading this because its really a good story. It starts out with Batman trying to fin his childhood friend Dawn Golden, but instead faces Killer Croc and Penguin. I love the art because it reminds me of Jim lee's art, but also it has a cool story and a mystery too. I like reading this because this is a great Batman story filled with mystery, action and great art. I would recommend Batman fans to read this because David Finch really captures Batman and tells a great story. Overall I'm g...

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The Man's a Genius 0

Not only can he draw but he can write. David Finch is having at Batman: The Dark Knight series and it is spectacular.   The Good Story Bruce is having flashback about a "new" childhood friend Dawn Golden. When we come to current time we find out that she has gone missing and that Bruce is after a street venom influenced crock for answers. After a few fists are thrown and answers are given Bruce finds himself  breaking into a safe that contains the necklace that Dawn was wearing in the flashback....

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A Good Start 0

There’ve only been five issues done so far with this series. In the first issue, David Finch writes up Batman’s involvement in his town of Gotham. Even as Bruce Wayne spends time working on his Batman, Inc. project, a missing woman, Dawn Golden, whom he knew as a sullen child, comes into his life again as a victim.Great panels as he tussles with Killer Croc, doped up on Venom, that increases Croc’s strength, and gets him to talk. After some brooding with his butler, he finds the Penguin is invol...

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