kingdomenic's Batman: The Dark Knight #0 - Chill in the Air review

What Sets Us Apart.

The Story So Far

Soon after Bruce's parents are killed he begins his investigation into the circumstances of their murder. We see him progress through the years. We see some of the basic fight training and schooling he receives all they way up to when he leaves for his real training.


There are some really good emotional panels and pages in this issue. I like the facial expressions and the depictions of young Bruce and a young Gotham. A very well drawn issue.

I like that we see Bruce a young boy trying to deal with loss of his parents and that we are shown that he doesn't quite have the chops he will later in life when it comes to crime solving. I also like seeing him go through life and school gaining knowledge and constantly tying to find out the truth about his parents. It was nice to see that he started training by taking on sports that required hand to hand combat like boxing and fencing. We really get to see the events that lead up to him leaving Gotham. I am really pleased with the reason for his parents death. Seems the most true to original story.


One could argue that nothing really happens in this issue and I won't really disagree with them. Although I like what it does the character development and back story of Batman, there is very little info that seems really important. Also since this a zero issue, we get no Batman.

Your Job

Although you could totally skip this issue and be fine, I would recommend picking this up. There are a lot of cool little details that really paint a more clearer picture of this new 52 Batman. And there some moments worth being a part of this issue.


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