innate0912's Batman: The Dark Knight #0 - Chill in the Air review

Rose-colored Glasses

Take a look back in to Bruce Wayne's past as he investigates who killed his parents and why.


Finch and Oback's take on the cover was good eye-candy, enough to attract you to pick up this comic if you weren't planning to do so. Although coming from David Finch, you'd expect something more artistic, but it seems he wanted to stay loyal to the concept for the Zero Month covers. Inside the issue, readers will be taken on an dazzling and emotional ride by Gregg Hurwitz' tale of Batman's past. The plot was great and the story pace kept up with it perfectly to complement it. The art team for this issue didn't hold back as each page were intricately drawn with detail, while carrying the heavy emotion this issue bears. The layout was very simple, and the drawing for the setting will definitely draw you into Bruce Wayne's past.


There isn't anything to write here. Perfectly done issue which should be the first thing you pick up once you go inside your comic book store.

Final Score

Probably one, if not the most anticipated Zero title this month, it's safe to say that Hurwitz and his creative didn't disappoint. It was a little scary to discover early that Finch wouldn't be in charge for this issue, but this comic held up to the expectations. The storyline also shows how well Hurwitz understands Bruce Wayne's history and insanity. Get to know Batman more by picking up this issue. 5/5 stars.

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