homerun762's Batman: The Court of Owls #1 - Volume One review

Gotham Owls

That was a great volume. It had a great storyline and it showed the history of Gotham. I learned so much from this volume and it was very fun to read. In my opinion, it was worth the time! Overall, this is one that I kept reading. The story was intense and I never knew what to expect. I had never known of the Court of Owls but after reading this, now I do! I loved this volume and overall, I give it a five out of five.

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    Start of a new Batman 0

    This is the first Batman comic that I bought and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A definite recommendation for new readers and I hope to go on and finish the entire collection now. A sneak peak is there is change of orientation for a few pages somewhere in the fifth chapter I think. It goes from portrait to landscape to upside down. At first I thought this was a printers error but later found out that it was Snyder's idea to keep it more into the story. So don't go blasting away to your local store fo...

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    My first comic! 0

    Court of the Owls was a very well-done comic with a captivating storyline, plenty of action, and strong characters. The comic's emotional storyline was very unique and the dialogues were simply amazing. The art, done by Greg Capullo was very nice as well, giving the comic the feel of a film. While reading, I felt that everything was easy to visualize. Being my first comic, I was very impressed and I think that it will appeal to anyone who has a little background knowledge on Batman. This is a gr...

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