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Batman™ and Friends in "Attack of the Colossal Bat-Monster - Part 2"

Previously in Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Batman was captured by the psychotic scientist, Dr. Hugo Strange! Suddenly, Black Canary and Green Arrow appeared to save Batman from being turned into a monster. Later, on the night of the full moon, the Dark Knight transformed into a terrible Bat-Monster! Using his powers, the Atom grew to the size of the Bat-Monster - but he only has half an hour to stop him, or he'll explode! Will the humungous hero save the caped creature in time?

Batman's Secret Files - Gentleman Ghost!

Find out about Gentleman Ghost, a highwayman-turned-super-villain who's been terrorising England since the 1800s! With his old-fashioned clothes and top hat, he may not look tough but he's got more than a few surprises in store for Batman and his friends!

Batman's Top 10 Villains!

Batman is the world's greatest super hero, which also means he has the world's most dangerous rogues! Check out the Dark Knight's TOP 10 VILLAINS from the streets of Gotham City!

Also inside this issue:

Win a The Bat™ vehicle!

Puzzles galore!

See if your letter, drawing or picture has been included in Bat Signals!

Batman pull-out poster!







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