austinhasten's Batman: The Black Mirror #1 - HC review

A Bruce-less Gotham.

I was halfway apprehensive when I began to read this novel because I wasn't sure if it could live up to the incredible New 52 Batman I'd recently read, and I have to say my doubts were immediately put to rest. Snyder was able to meet or even exceed his massively popular run on the New 52 Batman. This is mandatory read for Batfans and non-Batfans alike.


The fact that Snyder is able to keep your interest in multiple arcs, all of which contain virtually no Bruce Wayne, is a feat in itself. Within a relatively short amount of time, Snyder develops incredible depth within an entire array of characters. He makes it very clear that Dick Grayson is an entirely different Batman, with his own set of morals and fears, and he doesn't patronize us by spoonfeeding us the differences between Dick and Bruce. I hardly even have to tell you how impressive it is that he was able to write an arc based solely on the Gordon family that keeps your interest just a much as a Bruce story. Besides producing museum-worthy artwork, Jock and Francesco Francavilla do an incredible job of setting the tone of the stories throughout this novel. The cover is the epitome of the originality that Jock is able to produce, even after eight-hundred-something Detective Comics.


I've earnestly tried to find something to complain about, and I have to say that there's not a thing wrong with this novel. I don't want to throw around the word 'perfect' but...


5 out of 5. Any day. You're a fool if you don't pick this up.


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    I got this book in hardcover on christmas day and i was Very very pleased. SO on to the the review.The Good:This book did a brilliant job of capturing Gotham City and the horrors it has hidden inside. Scott Snyder's writing is captivating and his run on detective comics really proved he can combine suspense and action to tell a dark moody batman tale no matter what the venue or villain. The Black Mirror is in my opinion the culmination of his run on detective comics and together with Jock and Fr...

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    I'd definitely give this 4.5 stars like under the older system, if I could - I'm not quite at the point of rounding it up to 5, though. This is a pretty impressive story, don't get me wrong. Snyder did a fine job crafting this dark and intimidating story. His fine attention to detail was quite impressive, especially in an age of somewhat less-than-impressive comic writing (perhaps more in that other company), such as the black pins on the Graysons' map and the black pin-like pupils of James,...

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