savagedragon's Batman: The Black Mirror #1 - HC review


I got this book in hardcover on christmas day and i was Very very pleased. SO on to the the review.

The Good:

This book did a brilliant job of capturing Gotham City and the horrors it has hidden inside. Scott Snyder's writing is captivating and his run on detective comics really proved he can combine suspense and action to tell a dark moody batman tale no matter what the venue or villain. The Black Mirror is in my opinion the culmination of his run on detective comics and together with Jock and Francavilla's art this book is a must read. So what does this book do great? Each "case" within the book is page turner. The mood it sets and it's theme of darkness and creeping sense of doom within Gotham is great, its gritty but also aesthetically pleasant. Jocks renditions of backgrounds are nice and his faces and body language are spot on. The Colors are one of the biggest stars of the book and with its uses of reds and purples blew me away. I've read many batman novels and comics but few capture the darkness and evil that lurks in the Batman's city. Dick Grayson and Jim Gordon are the main characters and this is their tale, their personal story of loss and triumph. In the Absence of Bruce Wayne Dick has assumed the cape and cowl of the city's dark knight. I loved how Snyder can show us the different mentalities between Bruce and Dick without hitting us over the head with it. Overall this book doesnt need crazy bad guys with awesome powers, it doesnt need the Galaxy at risk, or reality itself to make the reader care. It tells a brilliant story confined within Gotham. A story of Murder, Hope, Denial and a dark heart. But most of all this book is about if people are just bad eggs, and if they are....are they in the wrong? I loved this book. Read it!

The Bad:

Not much bad here, sometimes it got a bit confusing with Jim/ James Gordons flashbaack interactions and when it would fast forward back to the present. Also the Last few panels left me a little underwhelmed but the lead up to the end was fantastic.

The Verdict:

I loved it and have read it a couple times each time noticing something different on a certain panels or appreciating a set of dialogue more. What i mean is this book has staying power: its a classic. Scott Snyder and his team are awesome and everyone who likes the Dark Knight, Gotham city, Dick Grayson or BADASS things in general should read this book!


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