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A KGB agent informed Gordon and the CIA of an extreme assassin that was on the loose - suspected to be in Gotham City. The KGBeast was not a part of the Soviet government, but of an off-shoot faction. CIA agent Bundy told what he knew - the KGBeast had already killed two in Gotham. The CIA made it clear - they did not want Batman to be involved. Batman was listening in, however, and went after a man he suspected could be a target. He was too late, but did uncover a list of possible targets. A banquet was poisoned - 80 were killed. Batman gave chase, but the KGBeast got away. Gordon and Batman set up a trap. Batman was waiting in ambush to nab the assassin, but he was too good and escaped. The KGBeast shot down a passenger jet, but it turned out to be a decoy. He then attacked a pair of senators in a high-rise hotel. Batman again gave chase, but the Beast cut off his own hand to escape. They prepared for the President's arrival in Gotham. When the President arrived, Batman kidnapped him to safety. With the death toll now over 100, the Beast was fitted for a new "hand" - a custom fit automatic gun with a bayonet. Robin saved a decoy of the President from a suicide bomber while Batman escorted the real President. Batman was shot in the next attack, but the Beast was also injured - his eye. Batman chased the Beast into the sewer system. After a struggle, Batman forced him into a trap and secured the door.

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