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The Bats, Supes, and Wonder Woman Unite.

Ah okay so Wonder Woman didn't get her face pummeled into mashed whatever in this issue. She actually got to fight alongside the Bat and Supes.

A neat little trilogy of comics here. I really enjoyed this. One, I learned about Wonder Woman, and two I got to revisit the Bats and Supes. I haven't read a Bats story in years. A bonus is that I got to see Bizarro, that has been quite a while that's for sure.

I think I may check out Wonder Woman's own series for at least a comic or two to see if it was like this because it was good. I'm not too sure why it was so good, the Bats, Supes or her, but it's worth checking out.

Oh yeah, loved it when Wonder Woman, slugged Batman for kissing her.

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