theacidskull's Batman/Superman #1 - Cross World review

Ying Yang

It's no mystery that i love greg pak, he is one of the best writers currently working, as soon as i learned that he was on board i knew i had to pick it up, because he respects characters and their history, and i am Glad i wasn't wrong! not that i thought i would be.

lee's art is amazing, it sets a dark tone for the book, which is very interesting. the colors are amazing as well, batman is surrounded by some really dark colors and it brings out his personality , while superman on the other hand is much more bright in comparison to bruce, which yet again sets the contrast between them! and Gotham city? it is basically a perfect fit for batmans character design! The facial expressions lack personality and seem Grimm, but i guess thats the mood the art is supposed to set up. Either way, i can see why Jae Lee has been selected for this title , considering that his art separates superman and batman from each other quite well. Batman's Design really does resemble a monster, but thats a good thing because thats what Bruce Wayne was ultimately going for, he is a nightmare for the criminals. Superman On the other hand has a much more lighthearted feel, he is the golden boy scout and his looks really compliment the personality.

Now on to the plot. The story is a little confusing since there are a few time/dimension shifts, but it just takes a few minutes to think about it before everything becomes clear. The dynamic between superman and batman is amazing, these two heroes are so different from each other that it's hilarious . Greg pak Captures batmans character well, he is distant, understands how things work around him, uses disguises to learn things he can't do as bruce wayne, and he is brooding most of the time. While clark on the other hand is much more cheerful, fun, and uses his powers well, in fact, thats my favorite part, it's shown here that he can smack batman around easily, but then he wouldn't be superman would he now? The contrast of their personality and coloring works so well here, it's easy to assume that this is just another way for DC to get money from putting to main characters in a title, but that ultimately fades away when you read this. However, there were some problems, clark, the guy who is supposed to be reasonable and restricted, clearly beat up a guy who was worried about him (Earth-2 batman), and while it's arguable that he assumed that the earth-2 batman was the same guy he faced a few moments back( that batman we all know an love), he still should have considered what was actually going on. also, batman makes a pretty idiotic error during the fight, i won't say what exactly but he basically gives away that he is bruce Wayne but it is possible that he assumed his employees wouldn't notice due to the fact that they were in shock.

the villain is intriguing, certainly someone we haven't seen before! Her motives are yet unclear, but greg pak sets up an aura of mystery at the end of the issue, which sets the mood for issue 2. the comments made by the main baddie about batman and superman shows that she has some kind of fascination with these two heroes and that she will play an integral part in the story. Her powers also suggest that She will be a part of the action. all in all, this was amazing and i'd recommend it to both batman and superman fans.

Recommendation: Go figure.

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