I Wish Zsasz Was Dead

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(Medium Spoilers for Streets Of Gotham #11)
**Spoiler Space***
So in Streets of Gotham #11, it really looks like Damian Wayne slices Zsasz in half, Darth Maul style.  But he doesn't.  According to the Batbrat, he pulled the deathblow at the last minute and stopped short of severing Zsasz's spince.  That's nice.  But I wish he hadn't, and here's why.

Basically, I think SoG #11 was a great opportunity to get rid of a redundant character in a dramatic way that would give some more dramatic structure to Bruce's return.  I have no idea what they're going to do with Damian when Bruce gets back; I have a feeling he might die, and this makes me sad.  He's a great character BECAUSE he doesn't adhere to the same values and morals as the rest of the Batfam, and that makes him dangerous.  I'd much rather see him as an exiled wild card than a dead good guy. 
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I actually enjoy the tattood Zsasz he's not as boring as you'd think he was, there's plenty of things that set him off far from "generic" like you've said.

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Didn't read this... like I said on your Unscripted vid... 
Streets of Gotham has too many characters I know nothing about...
But it's good to know that Zsasz is a boring character!

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I have to surprisingly agree with your sentiment regarding Damian; I have realized I love to hate the twerp but it's because he is such a wild card like you say and a bit different that makes him an interesting foil of sorts for the Bat-Family (kind of hate that term but oh well).   
Zsasz..yeah, he needs to go.  Even his code name sucks ath.  Decept-O thinks he's Lame-O.  Sad part is, I don't know if Nolan will consider using the character in Batman 3, I certainly hope they don't but he did show up in the previous film.  I know I digress from the comic topic but I don't think audiences would get too excited about the character in any sense of the word.  

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