the_cyan_lantern's Batman: Streets of Gotham #14 - House of Hush pt. 1; Two-Face: The Long Way Down review

I Really Wanted To Like You


   As Hush tries to escape with his master plan, he can't help but look into the past reflecting his mothers journal. Meanwhile an old time Gotham gangster is ready to reclaim his town by first taking out Bruce Wayne. 

The Good:

   Personally I think Gotham has too many freaks. So when I see the first few pages of this old time gangster man come straight out of prison and wants to "whack" Bruce Wayne it kinda gives you gitters for the arc to come. Especially since Thomas is "Bruce".

The Bad:

   To me this issue fell short of the potential I saw for it. I praise this series to my friends and I think this was the book to take its blow. First off we get peek of the future put wasn't that epic of a hook. Then we get a sort inner monologue that was followed by the glimpse of the past. In this past we see a kindhearted Martha Wayne, a horrible Mrs. Elliot, and a party animal Thomas Wayne?!? 2 out of 3 makes sense. Afterward a sneak peak of a valuable character then given the what I think is the longest Second Feature. 

Vote: 3 out of 5

   Like I said, this series tends to be strong but not all books are perfect.      
Posted by Silkcuts

It is sad... the cover is so nice, but the story is weak.

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