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The story begins with The Joker who has just poisoned Commissioner Gordon and hovers over the body of a defeated Batman. As the Joker thinks he has won,Batman all of a sudden pulls out a gun and shoots Joker in the face. At that point,the real Batman shows up and ends the battle. Batman later visits Gordon at the Hospital where the commissioner explains who the fake Batman was. Moments later, Batman meets up with Alfred and Robin who both tell him that he needs some time away from being Batman. This leads to Batman taking time out by visiting the London Pop Art museum as Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile elsewhere,Talia al Ghul is threatening Kirk Langstorm who was once known as the Man-bat for his formula. If he doesn't give it up,Talia will poison his wife, which will result in a painful agonizing death with no cure. At the London museum, the League of Assassins arrive and throw Kirk and his wife out of the back of there van where Kirk reveals to Alfred that he reluctantly gave up the man-bat formula. The museum is attacked by the Man-bats and alfred quickly runs in and tosses Bruce his outfit. Batman engages in combat with the Man-bats. He takes out the first one with his grapple and a few of the rest with smoke pallets.However the Man-bat ninja's outnumber batman significantly and Batman is taken down. When he wakes up and realizes he is alive,he confirmed what he suspected that his captives had wanted him alive. Talia reveals her self to Batman and recounts a tale in which the both had spent the night together. Talia then leaves Batman saying that the event led to the birth of someone and as she walks away she tells Batman "not to let him cramp his style". Batman is surprised to find a young boy named Damian who says to him "father,i thought you'd be taller"

Batman and Damian

Batman brings Damian back to Gotham City and introduces him to the Batcave. Damian later meets Alfred and Tim Drake. Not long after Damian's arrogance and violent attitude gets him locked up in one of Wayne Manor's many rooms. Batman later leaves to take care of the Spook who is terrorizing Blackgate Prison. Batman arrives just in time to save an undercover police officer from being shot by one of the Spook's henchmen. The undercover cop then points Batman in the direction of the Spooks location. Batman then finds the Spook, but he finds that he has had his head cut off. Back at the Cave, Robin searchers for Alfred but finds Damian

Damian sucker punches Robin

instead. Tim talks to Damian and is shocked when Damian reveals the Spook's head. Damian and Tim then fight because Damian wishes to replace Tim at his fathers side. Damian then sucker punches Robin while they were both standing on the giant T-Rex model. Soon after, Batman confronts Talia and agrees to take Damian to save the prime ministers wife. However Damian reveals that he knows that Talia wishes to trade her hostage for control over Gibraltar. Batman and Damian use a rocket to quickly travel across the globe to Gibraltar. Batman and Damian confront Talia and her man-bat assassins on a submarine off the coast of Gibraltar and save the prime minister's wife. Soon the three (Batman, Talia, and Damian) are in a confrontation on the submarine off the coast of Gibraltar. While the confrontation takes place the British Navy send a torpedo that blows up the submarine. Batman lives through it and finds that Talia and Damian have escaped as well. Damian and Talia later are revealed to have survived and later resurface in The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul story arc.

Collected Editions

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