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A Sucsessful Mystery.

ok, i'll Admit, i am out of my natural element, because i've never reviewed batman Before, and though i think he is awesome, i don't really think i have the necessary knowledge to properly review this. But you have to start at some point right? Ok.

For starters, i might as well get the art out of the way. The art is Awesome, in fact, this might very well be y favorite batman artist ! i love the way characters are designed. Especially Joker and Dr.Hurt. Jokers new gig was very cool, gritty, and Horrific! which for the joker, i pretty damn awesome.

Now , as for the more important Bushiness, The plot. Holy F*cking sh*t. I can't believe how well this was executed. The symbols, the villains, the Inner struggle of batmans sanity, it was nothing short of amazing!

First things fist, i want to discuss the villains. The Black hand , as of course along with the joker, are in my opinion, perfect batman villains( despite the fact that Killer croc is my favorite....shut up). Why? Because they Don't challenge batman Physically, they challenge him mentally, and force his hand into becoming something so much more. and boy, did joker dazzle me! he insanity, was all over the pages, he became more violent and much more deranged, which felt very organic and natural. He went over the edge because the Ying and Yang Relationship between him and batman was destroyed when a fake batman shot him in the face. This is what the whole batman Vs joker thing is about! once he realized that the equilibrium was diminished! it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

The Plot it self is very intriguing. It might be at first glance hard to follow but once you get passed the symbols it's not so hard. Morrison Shows us that batman is the ultimate human being once again, because there or no more him out there. You know why they call batman a prep god? you know why people believe that with prep time he can kick some serious a$$? it's because HE was the only one, who could have possible created a secondary personality, should he ever be mentally attacked. Which brings me to my next point. I doubt that Morrison would pick the mutli colored suit for batman alternate personality if it didn't mean anything. The Bizarre look showed and stood for a symbol, that batman had gone over the edge, well not in a sense of killing or something, but he was driven insane for a short period of time. Bruce wayne was Gone, at least for a while, which only left batman. This shows how well morrison understands batman, and how well he con portray him.

The second symbol would be the hunch back. He stood for something completely different. Morrison shows , that everyone has a dark side, especially the people with which you least suspect it. He was very successful in real life, but that wasn't the real him, it was just a pale reflection of his true insane self.

Dr Hurt, is a intriguing villain. One of they key elements to why this book was so great, was the fact that it had a great mystery, Which , of course, should always be present in a comic book starring " The world greatest detective" ( Duh!). What Morrison seems to capture here was the fact that it kept the reader guessing, and it never revealed who or What Dr Hurt had been, which of course is awesome.

Moreover, This story, is great because it demonstrates how determined and smart Bruce/Batman man is. It shows that He is always prepared, even when his enemies think they are one step ahead of him, Bruce is at the end of the stairway, laughing.

In Short, This is was amazing, and even if you are not a batman fan, you am 200% sure you'll really like this.

Recommendation : I'M BATMAN!

Posted by Lvenger

A well executed dissection of what made RIP such an awesome story and one of the best Batman stories to date. Well done mate on a review on a character who's not your strongest!

Thought you might appreciate TheAcidSkull's review on one of Morrison's best Batman stories

Posted by TheAcidSkull

@Lvenger said:

A well executed dissection of what made RIP such an awesome story and one of the best Batman stories to date. Well done mate on a review on a character who's not your strongest!

Thought you might appreciate TheAcidSkull's review on one of Morrison's best Batman stories

Thanks very much! i though i'd give it a try :D thank you so much again for commenting! :)

And Fade is the reason i read RIP in the first Place ^__^

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Terrific review of a terrific series, mate :D

You reviewed the arc without giving too much away but also explained your views on it. Well done your first Bat-review :)

For some reason, I can't recommend reviews on CV, so that's why no recommendation (though it would certainly get one if I could give it), I'm sorry.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review. Nice to see you review a Bat story.

The only thing that I didn't like about the story was that you have to read Final Crisis to find out what actually happened to Batman. Although that was also a good story it's a bit inconvenient for people who don't want the story. Overall still a good story.

If you like Morrisons work I'd also recommend Batman and Son, and The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul

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