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Batman Returns is great!!!!!!

The sequel Tim Burtons first Batman film is great and dark. Batman faces The Penguin and Catwoman in this film. I liked Danny Devito as The Penguin becasuse he played it well by being smart, cunning and very evil with his plan to be mayor of Gotham and Michelle Pfeiffer played very well and looked great in her costume. Michael Keton played Batman very well and the story was very good and dark because it fits Batman for who he is and shows he's Gotham hero. I'm going to give a 5/5 because the story is great and dark, the cast was amazing and was great showing Batman and Catwoman chemistry. 


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    Should've been titled The Penguin Arrives and not Batman Returns 0

     In 1992 Tim Burton brought us Batman Returns a sequel to his 1989 film Batman.   Michael Keaton once again dons the cowl as Bruce Wayne/Batman and captures the essence of what makes Batman, Batman. Michael Keaton shows us a troubled Bruce Wayne struggling to get over the brutal death of his parents many years ago. I still can't decide whether or not Michael Keaton offers the best interpretation of the character. He meets his match though in Danny Devito as the tormented Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin...

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