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Should've been titled The Penguin Arrives and not Batman Returns

 In 1992 Tim Burton brought us Batman Returns a sequel to his 1989 film Batman.
 Michael Keaton once again dons the cowl as Bruce Wayne/Batman and captures the essence of what makes Batman, Batman. Michael Keaton shows us a troubled Bruce Wayne struggling to get over the brutal death of his parents many years ago. I still can't decide whether or not Michael Keaton offers the best interpretation of the character. He meets his match though in Danny Devito as the tormented Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin a man rejected by his very own parents at birth. Danny Devito as the Penguin is probably my favorite villain from the series though Michelle Pfeiffer is quite good as Selina Kyle/Catowman. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Selina Kyle/Catowman and offers up the best portrayal of the popular character and probably could have held her own in a spinoff movie unlike Halle Berry in the disastrous Catwoman. Scene-Stealing Christopher Walken plays Max Shreck, one of the three villains in the film who aides himself with The Penguin in order to build super power station that would allow his company to monopolize the energy industry in Gotham City. Christopher Walken does very well in the role and practically steals every scene he's in.Pat Hingle makes the best of his tiny role as Commissioner Gordon. Michael Gough returns as the ever-faithful butler to Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred Pennyworth and gives another great performance as my favorite Alfred.
 The story is an improvement over Batman's solely because there's no Joker, not that I don't like The Joker it's just I've always liked The Penguin better. I know that originally this movie was going to feature Robin but he was wisely deleted from the story because I think it just wouldn't have fit right with this movie and the fact that he was going to be played Marlon Wayans. The Film Noir setting does wonders for the film because it just matches Batman so well, or maybe because it's directed by Tim Burton and that whole dark tone is really all he knows how to do. Art Direction is fantastic and is an improvement over the first film and the subsequent sequels. Burton's Gotham City is fantastic and is probably the best Gotham City in the Batman movies. The cinematography is definitely Oscar worthy despite that it was snubbed. The action scenes are great and the combat is good but obviously due to the suit's limitations it was as good as it could be. Danny Elfman's music score is almost as Batman with the main titles probably being my favorite piece from the soundtrack.

Now that I've rewatched this movie again I really feel this the greatest live-action adaptation of Batman ever made.

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Posted by Silkcuts

I am glad I am not alone in loving the Tim Burton movies.  89 Batman is still my fave, this is a close 2nd with the new Nolan movies as a distant enough 3 and 4.

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

The first one is great but I wish Burton made a third Batman film and then produced Batman Forever ( which is by no means a bad film, it's just some of the best scenes weren't in the final cut) because the series felt kind of unbalanced. I've always liked Batman Begins because it still felt like a Batman movie and it had my favorite Batman villain, The Scarecrow but I didn't like The Dark Knight because it felt too much like a crime saga and was too realistic and not like a Batman film. Plus The Joker isn't all that interesting when compared to some of his other villains.

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