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Batman Returns is the 1992 Tim Burton-directed sequel to the 1989 hit Batman. Michael Keaton returns as Batman/ Bruce Wayne.

Meet Max Shreck. Gotham City Power Magnate, in more ways than one. The shining light of Gotham. He sees a bright future for Gotham, and he'll eliminate any obstacle to that end. Including the current Mayor, and possibly Bruce Wayne.

Enter The Penguin, from the sewers, with his Red Triangle Circus Gang. He and Max, working together to scratch each other's backs.

Exit Selina Kyle, an unfortunate casualty in Max's crusade. Max doesn't know that Selina has nine lives as Catwoman.

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You Don't Really Think You'll Win Do You? 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic       Before I start I want to ask everyone out there were really so unhappy with Tim Burton's films that you wanted someone like Joel Schumacher to take the reigns of the franchise? I mean guy gave us a Dark Knight we could respect because before Tim Burton came along most non comic nerds when they thought of Batman they thought Bat Shark Repellent and really do you want to associate one of the greatest heroes of all time with Bat Shark repellent? I think not. Now...

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Excesses of Successes 0

Twelve years before Daniel Radcliffe unleashed the phenomrnon that became the Harry Potter franchise; and nineteen years before Twilight unleashed and empowered twelve-year old girls, Tim Burton's Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson was a success at the box office. In spite of a few glaring missteps, both involving The Joker. If you've seen the movie, you might have an idea of what I'm referring to. If not, see the movie, and decide for yourself. Me, I'm not so sure it was a good i...

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