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the bat man

bat so two fase and fightin batma give up two fase got batmat batman let's fight agin
and twofase see jocer twofase saind jocer and jocer saind yes im jocer let's batman  
yeah lets fight him gooooo and batman comin here and batman atack him
and two fase and jocer lose and batman


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    I enjoyed volume 1. Volume 2 was alright even though continuity was already ruined.Volume 3 just ripped apart the continuity altogether. All I'm going to say is, by this point I wouldn't even recommend anybody to ever buy the no mans land arc, because it starts to become poorly written in places.Sure, some of the goofs and errors can be explained by a long shot but I'm not holding faith by this point.We're treated to a story involving a couple breaking into Joker's lair: someone who has been (or...

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