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Li'l Gotham #7

Saint Patrick's Day

I'm trying once more to get caught up on comic books. I think I've been behind on the digital comics for a month now to my shame. Well, it's time to fix that problem.

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Li'l Gotham has been a fun ride, but it's been wearing a little thin. Mostly, it's just cutesy, feel good comic with a tiny bit of family friendly adventure, but it needs more than cuteness alone to stand up as a worthwhile product, and though the first couple of issues were balanced with clever comedy, it has occasionally slipped into relying on little more than its admittedly charming art style rather than telling a story that makes the heart glow. Last issue, for instance, told a story which could almost have fit into a serious comic book, and it did nothing to make me laugh. It almost seems like the book is having a bit of an identity crisis or that it shot its whole load in the first couple issues.

Does Li'l Gotham #7 prove that there is more to this series than chibi drawing of our most beloved characters, or is this one li'l series that needs to have a timeout.

In this issue, Batman has to deal with a series of bank robberies seemingly tied to Catwoman.

Bat Droppings

As is usual when I'm running behind, I'm going to do things Bat Dropping style to get caught up more quickly.

1. The cover has a lot worth noting. This cover has been used for both St. Patrick's Day and Easter, and most of the villains whose mugshots are in the cover are dressed up with green of some sort. It's a very clever cover which also manages to fit well with the idea of this issue. Also, the cover has the cutest version of Mad Hatter I have ever seen (a million times cuter than that seen in The Dark Knight) in the lower right hand corner. Finally, we have a brief appearance of Lobo in the upper left hand corner holding a sign that says, “Not Poison Ivy.”

2. I actually quite enjoyed the fight scene between Bruce and Selina where Bruce basically ignores her attacks and just goes about his investigation.

3. As promised by the cover, Lobo does make a brief appearance. I guess Dustin Nguyen (former cover artist on Batgirl, artist on Detective Comics, penciler of Streets of Gotham and artist of Wildcats Version 3.0 and current writer and artist of Li'l Gotham and cover artist for Batman Beyond) is going to get around to introducing the entire DCNU to Li'l Gotham at some point.

4. I enjoyed Two-Face's, “Legit Biznez Licenz.”

5. I felt the voices of the characters were shining through quite clearly in this episode. Sometimes, writers bungle character by writing their dialogue slightly off, but I think the dialogue in this issue was just about perfect for the feel of Li'l Gotham.

Spoilers until Conclusion

6. “No more pets, Damian.” If that line doesn't make you miss Damian, nothing will.

7. I miss Dick and Babs flirting with each other.

Conclusion 8/10

I have to admit, I have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth from the last issue. It's not that last issue was that bad, but it was mediocre, and that has made me want to look at this issue with fresh eyes less willing to be blinded by the cuteness. Despite my cynicism, this is still a really good issue, and yes, it is really cute. Unlike last issue, there were actual jokes this time, and they actually landed. I do not see anybody busting a gut reading this issue, but if you can get through it without at least a couple of solid grins, you have a heart of stone. This issue does prove that Li'l Gotham has more to offer with a good story, great art, and a fanciful sense of humor.

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