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Batman and Robin - Blackest Knight: Part One: Pearly and the Pit

Batman is in London! Leaping from double decker to double decker, with the help of The Squire. the Dark Knight is thrown headlong into a plot to blow up the capital. A trip to the Queen's jailer introduces him to Pearly - one of London's nastiest villains. And what does an old coalmine have to do with Dick Grayson's long-dead mentor?

Batman: Life After Death - Part Two: Charades

A certain feline intelligence source has found out that the notorious Falcone crime family is back in Gotham. But what have they to do with the False Faces found dead in the swamps outside the city? And why do little red pills keep turning up beside them? It is little wonder Dick is distracted at the inaugural ceremony of the new Arkham Asylum. Let's hope he has his wits about him though as this party is set to go off with a... BANG!

Batwoman in Detective Comics - Seven Years Ago

On Kate's twelfth birthday, her mum took Kate and her twin sister for waffles. This day was going to change Kate's life forever. The car they were travelling in was kidnapped. They were taken hostage and her mother and sister killed. Travelling forward we are shown how the army gave Kate's life purpose. But along came that pesky Article 125, and her life fell apart...

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