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Batman and Robin - Part Three: Mommy Made of Nails

With four cops killed and six seriously injured after Batman and Robin's bungling attempt to fight Prof. Pyg's Circus of Strange, the authorities are beginning to lose confidence in the new Batman. When Dick scolds Damian for leaving him to fight alone, Damian departs, vowing to find a teacher he respects. He goes it alone but quickly finds he is no match for Pyg and his army of dolls. Will Batman save Robin's bacon one last time?

Batman: Reborn - Part Two: New Day, New Night

Penguin's stress levels are set to go through the roof as bust after bust his underground activity is blown open by Batman. Two Face finds all this highly amusing, but he has bigger fish to fry than his old rival. Why is his wall covered in newspaper clips about Batman? Where is this unhealthy fixation leading? Batman seems to be having fun cleaning up the streets, but how long will this last? Is this the calm before the storm?

Batwoman in Detective Comics - Part Two: Misterioso

After finding out that the crime gang who attacked her a year ago are back in town, Kate decides it's time to get even. But with her girlfriend not talking to her and her father worried sick, her obsession with finding the gang is taking its toll. After finding their headquarters, Batwoman demands answers, but getting anyone to talk straight, least of all her Alice in Wonderland-obsessed adversary, proves impossible!

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