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Battle for the Cowl Last Man Standing Part Two

A new era dawns over Gotham City in the latest issue of Batman Legends. As Dick Grayson staggers to glory, a tattered cowl clutched in his hands, the enormity of his new position causes him to hesitate. A skeptical Robin pounces on the show of weakness, but there's no time for bickering - a sinister new threat awaits!

Batman: Reborn: A Battle Within

The role of Batman cannot end with Bruce Wayne! As emotions run high in Wayne Manor and trouble erupts in Gotham City, Dick Grayson steps into the fray, vowing to do things his way. Still, it's not just the crows that are scared when the first villain rolls up - will Dick ever get out of the Batmobile?

Batman and Robin Part One: Domino Effect

The all-new Dynamic Duo is here and ready for action in the latest issue of Batman Legends - but how can they fight the evil of the underworld if they can't stand the sight of each other? A slippery customer leads them towards an old adversary - can they put their differences aside and start cleaning up the Pyg sty that Gotham is fast becoming?

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