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Batman R.I.P. Part Two

The stunning ‘Batman R.I.P.’ gets into full swing in the latest instalment of Batman Legends, as things go from bad to worse for The Dark Knight. Not only is a mystery assailant trying to destroy him, but it looks like Bruce Wayne might be losing his mind completely!

Absolute Terror Part Two

The Scarecrow proves that he’s even more terrifying without his signature tear gas in ‘Absolute Terror’. Since Jonathan Crane’s latest breakout from Blackgate, he has started leaving stuffed Scarecrows all over Gotham – some with bodies inside! Can Batman stop his reign of terror?

The Joker’s Asylum: The Penguin

Ghastly secrets about another of Batman’s rogues are revealed in this issue, as The Penguin takes the limelight in ‘The Joker’s Asylum.’ Oswald Cobblepot may have recently claimed to have abandoned his criminal ways, but he did some pretty horrible things in his early years!

The Joker tells a story of The Penguin's life from when he was a child and of him recently.

As a child he was laughed at by the girls at his school, so he tried to get revenge by unleashing his birds on the girls which began to scratch and bite them. After thinking that he had gotten his revenge, the girls attacked him with baseball bats. Seeking comfort from his birds he goes to stroke one which in turn bites him and in a fit of rage Cobblepot murders the bird.

In his later life Cobblepot rescues a young woman from being sold and begins to fall in love with her, but after she finds out that he has killed people, he sends her back.

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