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The Fiend With Nine Eyes

This issue of Batman Legends sees Bruce Wayne start down a path that will change his life forever, and it’s got something to do with an attacker who has eyes tattooed on his fingers. Secrets are revealed and mysteries deepen in the prelude to next issue’s saga “Batman R.I.P.”

Detective Comics: Trust Part Two

Batman and Zatanna’s investigation into gothic stage magician Ivar Loxias, whose assistants have been turning up dead, brings them face to face with The Dark Knight’s arch nemesis. Turns out The Joker murdered Loxias and has been impersonating him for weeks. Surprise!

The Joker’s Asylum: The Joker

If you’re not out of your mind when you enter The Joker’s Asylum, you will be by the time you leave! The pale-faced Crown Prince of Crime tells one of his own twisted stories about a televised terror he cooked up a few years back. This is Joker TV – and it’s so good, you just might die!


Detective Comics # 834

Batman # 675

Joker's Asylum: The Joker # 1

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