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Batman Confidential: Rules Of Engagement Part Six

Two industrialists go to war in the final chapter of the epic “Rules of Engagement”. Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor face off – with Gotham City as the prize! But who will triumph? Bruce Wayne has right on his side – but Luthor, embedded in Gotham’s military base, has never been more prepared!

Superman/Batman: Absolute Power Part Four

In “A World Without Batman”, part four of “Absolute Power”, Superman searches for an amnesiac Bruce Wayne. Travelling through time, Bruce stopped the murder of his parents – wiping the Batman from existence. But Superman needs Batman to exist – the fate of the universe is at stake!

Detective Comics: Slayride

Writer Paul Dini returns to Batman Legends with a high-speed adventure pitching Robin up against the Joker! It’s just your usual night on the town for the Boy Wonder – foil some masked goons, take in the sights – be kidnapped by the Joker as part of a hit-and-run joyride? Well, maybe not so usual!


Batman Confidential # 6

Superman/Batman # 17

Detective Comics #826

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