Batman of Japan or Mr Unknown

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I do have an honest question.  And not to cause issue, but only for clarification.  Why does Nightrunner get to keep his personna while Mr Unknown / Jiro (I understand he was only the body double) have to die and become Batman of Japan?  I honestly think that this character gets shafted by doing this to him.  I would have felt much better seen some sort of Ronnin (Japanese Masterless Swordmaster) in the guise of the Bat taking on crime. 
Is the ongoing theme going to be creating Batman (men/women) across the globe or is it going to be creating/uniting a force to fight crime across the globe.  I think it would undermine the Batman of (insert location) to have Red Robin or some other show up and give them instructions/directions.  I hope we see Mr Unknown return or at least see Jiro step out of the shadow of Batman and into his own character.

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@crowncoke:  I did not read this book and manga but apparently it is a homage to the Bat-Manga of the sixties or seventies with a Japanese version of Batman and that arc of Batman Inc made it canon I do not think it will be recurring. 
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@crowncoke: I think Mr Unknown became Batman of Japan because he wanted to give the real Mr Unknown a heroic death known to the public instead of being torchered and begging for mercy while nightrunner was a symbol that became part of batman inc. I personally think that they should all be batmen for the time being though. When I saw that picture of batman of japan i was thinking BATMAN ARMY!!!
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I don't think Japan needs it's own Batman. It has Most Excellent SuperBat!

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 super young team is a joke 
the purpose of inc will be to create a force to fight crime throught the world with only batman(bruce) being the one telling others under his watch what to do. like he currently does with the members of the batfamily.New recruits wont have to take the mantle of batman bruce is currently trying to recruit guacho and there is no way he will leave his establish personna to that of a rat with wings and nightrunner being allowed to take his own name is an example.or so i believe
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For two reasons. One to give Mr. Unknown the honorable death he deserved and two, to play homage to the Bat-Manga. 
Neither do I really believe to be good enough reason to create another Batman but what's interesting is that the cover to issue 6 of Batman Inc looks to have Mr. Unknown on it rather than another Batman. 

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