crimsonsquire's Batman, Incorporated #9 - Fallen Son review

Batman incorporated: Fallen Son

This Review is filled with Spoilers!

The Good

Yet again, Artist Chris Burnham has done a fantastic job with this story, his art is spectacularly good and throughout the entire series has maintained a very high standard. Another good point to this issue is just how Morrison manages to portray the characters, seeing Dick's reaction to Damian's sudden death was good but emotionally really struck at your heart, and it stayed true to the character.

One of my favourite things about the Batman inc. series is the colours, I'm not sure why but the colours n Damian's costume seem so vibrant and exciting, it adds a well needed splash of colour to the usually quite grey Bat-Books.

The Bad

The layout of this issue was a little bit confusing, The individual scenes were fine, but the multiple time frames scattered through the issue and it's not very clear when each is happening compared to the others.

Also, I wasn't too sure what was happening during the Jason Todd scene, and you really needed to have been reading some of Morrison's earlier Batman books to understand it.

The Verdict

A brilliant issue that worked well emotionally, needed some extra explaining but was very enjoyable overall.


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