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Spoiled Brat

The entire comic book community has been abuzz recently over the news of Damien Wayne's possible demise. But how does it comes to this? If you have been reading Batman Inc, then you already know what has been going on. Robin was sent into hiding but in this issue, here he comes to save the day! I will not spoil what happens in this issue save to say what has already been leaked to the news. It appears Robin has been killed....or has he?

Robin and Nightwing share a heartwarming moment while facing impossible odds. Red Robin has a good moment while Batman is busy. Damien's heroic stand is a sight to see and his conversation with Nightwing made me like him just a little bit more. Damien is confident, cocky, brash, and ultimately, heroic.

I would suggest reading past issues to get an understanding of what is going on in this current one. If you are a fan of Damien Wayne, then get this issue. I always considered Damien to be too brash, bratty, and spoiled to be Robin but he grew into the role and he grew on me as well. What happens next? How will Batman react to this? How will the bat-family deal with this latest test? I am looking forward to the next issue to see what happens next and after you read this issue, so will you.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

Good Review.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Fantastic issue but so so sad :'(

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