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Evil Kids

One of the multiple things I enjoy about Morrison's writing is how he always manages to pick up threads long forgotten and insert them in the current story, making us look like dorks for not giving it it's due credit at the time and feel complete mesmerized about his skill of blowing our minds with his little games. If you've read this issue, you know I'm talking about the issue when Bruce Wayne returns - http://www.comicvine.com/batman-the-return-planet-gotham/37-244575/ - and how he connected that with Damian and his mother in this arc story is completely amazing! No matter this issue was a little weaker, compared to the almost perfect last issue, this still counts as one of the best things being published in the market for showing a villain that's up for anything in order to achieve her ultimate goal: to destroy Gotham. Morrison uses lots of disturbing ideas in order to make Talia's plans happen: from kids marching on the streets (like the cover suggests) from taking over one of Wayne's corporate buildings for her new headquarters. Ok, this issue didn't show much of Bats, what was a bummer to me (again, compared to the super exciting last issue when he kicked ass) and replacing him for the "Birds" quite didn't have the same feeling, but I'll totally let this pass because of Damian's scenes. Sure that Morrison built up tons of stories and now everything is coming together and I just can't miss next issue!

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