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Batman Incorporated #6

Okay so I'm going to start off by saying that this issue left one huge question on my mind concerning my favorite comic book character ever, which you'll read about later in my review. So this issue starts off with this low rate crime gang called the average joes with a very strange man called Mr. Nykto. Bruce continues his big plans of Batman inc. by creating Batman androids or robots for everywhere. Batman has many people working for him on this war against Leviathan. He sets up Red Robin with the Outsiders. So everyone is working in different parts of the world against people working for Leviathan. All the different Batman inc. members are fighting crime and Bruce helps each of them. Even Cassandra Cain is helping *which I dont quite understand. Later Mr. Nykto was just a Batman Inc. member foiling their group. The issue ends with Leviathan's plan coming into motion.



There are some concepts of this issue that I really enjoy. Bruce's robot idea I think is a cool idea. I like how this series incorporates the general people's ideas of Bruce's plans and if he's the original Batman or not. Morrison brings in modern day technology such as blogging ideas and what not and I like that a lot. This shows people are reacting to Bruce's plans and everything. I like that Bruce gets most of the bat family involved with this plan and everything.

Art: I liked the art. My only problems with it were with Bruce's face and the way Steph and Cassandra looked, other than that it was very good.


The BAD!

This series still leaves me confused. I don't fully understand everything that's happening with this story. The writing confuses me because it jumps from way too manythings. I also feel this series has a continuity problem. Last issue ended with that Batman from Africa but in this issue they gave him like one page. I don't know where this series is going. My other problem is Cassandra Cain. I absolutely love Cassie, but why was she in this issue. She didn't make her full return just yet and I thought her full return would be in Red Robin. I guess she also chose to take back her costume. CONTINUITY PROBLEMS!!!



This issue was right in the middle for me. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. This series needs to work on its continuity and focus on a clear idea or thought. Borrow it! 3 out of 5!

Posted by Silkcuts

I am surprised you didn't like this comics
Morrison is the spearhead writer, so continuity is lead by him, anyone outside it is out of continuity.

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