ironherc's Batman, Incorporated #6 - Nyktomorph review

Unleash The Bat-Army!! Without a mexican Batman!?

Picked up Batman Inc. my favorite DC tittle just today and what do i have to say about it? well........HOLLY AWESOMENESS BATMAN!!!

The Good
This comic has revealed a lot of answers which many fans have been asking including the "Is Wayne Enterprises and its employees in danger now?" not with an army of batdrones they are not! Morrison makes a lot of sense by simply stating that anyone but the joker would try to avoid batman which is in fact true. Nobody but that crazy clown would really want to mess with batman and even if they did try to attack some of the employees they would have to deal with not only one dark knight because now every criminal knows where batman is in fact: Everywhere!
Why is this awesome and can't wait how it might affect the entire DC universe? Because just imagine, "The Bat" the lone guardian of gotham city will be feared not only outside the city but everywhere, criminals and super villains alike will not only have to fear their typical superheroes, they would have to think also about the bat on their trail, he has officially become a jaws that can come out from the water and bite them in their behinds badly, expanding the fear of the bat to the hearts of criminals all over the glove.

(Making for me the complains of some fans about batman "not being this dark figure and a urban legend anymore" very silly)

It also shows how Tim Drake has become the new leather of the Outsiders A.K.A Batman Inc's stealth team which is another boost in troops of this army as the reveal of some of the new batman's like the one from Africa, France's nightrunner for those who didn't read the batman and detective comics annuals and Cassandra Caine as blackbat  in china which sure shocked me a lot since i never expected her to finally become a batman? or is it a batwoman? or a batgirl?....who knows but still is awesome to see what is her new role in all this.

This issue also shows how Batman uses his new status quo to easily avoid the suspicions of being batman as many fans have feared  that people would easily speculate that Bruce is batman as stated by Damian which isn't the case anymore, now nobody knows who is batman out of the many that have been unleashed all over the world or which one is the original, the only thing that exists are speculations and rumors on chat-rooms  which give a lot of crazy theories, keeping his identity in secret.

The Bad
Something bad about this comic? well it's........well there was this part that...wait no.......oh yeah! there was no- wait that doesn't make it bad really......well........the bad is...........sorry I've got nothing bad to say....except the fact that there is no Mexican batman! T.T
(P.S that's just a personal thing, it doesn't affect the issue at all XD)

Verdict: 5/5
This is my favorite issue since the two part story in Japan (issue 1-2) and is great to finally know more and what is going to occur to the caped crusader in this new role and I'm exited at the reveal of batman inc's batman army and i can't wait to see them expand all over the DC universe as they meet up with other known heroes and become part of the batman universe permanently.

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