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Am I the only one that had no idea wtf was going on in this issue?  I've read it twice and I'm still not sure on the details.   Especially the first few pages after they leave the guy in the wheelchair.  Grant Morrison's a great writer, but sometimes his conspiracies are so dense I can't get what's going on.  The artwork was great.  I loved the attention to details as well.  For example, the British guy and the Argentinian guy fighting.  I wonder how many people would get that?  It was such a tiny war that I never learned about it in school, I think I came across it in a wiki walk at Wikipedia one day. 
So where is this story continued?  Because the last few pages of this issue seem to imply that issue #6 is with Batwing - Batman of Africa.  Is the story continued in Batman?  Detective Comics?  Batgirl?  I have no idea.  That's one place where Marvel was traditionally better at letting you know where to look next.   
So, a bit confusing, great art, where to next?  That's my assessment of this issue.


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