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Batman: Incorporated #5

Okay I'd like to start off by saying that I didn't read the issue before this so if I have any wrong information please forgive me because I just kinda jumped back into this series and not to mention this issue confused the hell out of me but I think I may have the main idea. Okay so The Hood, Batwoman, El Guacho and Batman are working together to take down this insane doctor Deadalus. The first run into an A-list assassin named Scorpiana. Batwoman takes her down. Later Batman discovers that a decoy was set up there to make them think that Dr. Deadalus was there but really he is somewhere else plotting an even bigger plan called the Leviathan. This issue ends with a glimpse to our next Batman and this time in Africa. The Batman from Africa is faced with some pretty tough odds against a population under mind control.


The Good!

From what I understood of the story I actually liked. This issue was action packed and that's what I really liked about this issue. My favorite part of the story was finding out Deadalus' real plan called Leviathan. It's interesting and the location next issue takes place in is Africa so this is gonna be a different scene for Batman. This new Batman looks pretty cool and I can't wait to read about him. What I really really really liked about this issue was Batwoman's role. The fact that Bruce accepts her is great and brings a whole new relationship between them. Batwoman always has her communication with her dad during missions and I love that. That's how Kate's always been and I love the father daughter relationship.


The art is the other good thing about this issue. I enjoy looking at Paquette's work. I like how his drawings are dark and have a bold outline. The fight scene looked great and flowed well. The best art of the issue was the cover. Absolutely loved it. J.H Williams lll is an awesome artist!


The Bad!

I feel that this series forces you to read the previous issues if you jump into a later issue. To me that's not fair. This issue felt very confusing and left me wondering who these new people actually were and who was talking to who and who's inner monologue was it. This is a big issue for me because I feel that they should catch you up somehow. The pace is way too fast in this comic. It switches way too many times and leaves you second guessing yourself.



Well I wish I would've read the previous issue(s) but it just didn't happen that way. Again if any of the information is wrong I apologize. If you had already read the previous issue(s) I'd say pick it up, but if you didn't I'd still say pick it up but read with caution. 3.5 out of 5!

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Posted by Nasar7

This is like Morrison's other Batman work, Return of Bruce Wayne, for example, in that you cannot miss a single issue if you hope to understand what's going on. It's very intricate and if you miss an issue it's easy to be left out in the cold. That said, if you do stay on top of it, it's a satisfyingly brainy read.

Posted by GOREX

I wouldn't go as far as saying that Batwoman was accepted by Batman. It took Spoiler quite a while to get recognized as a hero by Batman and later as Batgirl. Respect doesn't appear overnight especially with Batman. He's got a very closed circle and while he's going around to world to explore "Batmen" he's contemplative and quiet planning his every move. He know they will not be like him but he wants to help on a global scale. He's going by it like the old saying "teach a man how to fish and he'll feed himself forever".

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