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Review - Batman Inc. no.5 0

 Cover: Batman Inc. covers have always been somewhere between retro and modern and the colors and art just seems to blend in great. Right on the cover you get to see a new "rookie" for Batman Inc and inside there's a tad bit more info on what's going on. The Good: This issue and the last one I can't help but feel that all the attention is focused at Batwoman, or rather this new person who took the cape and name. I can't really say that there's much other good except how Batwoman is pushed in t...

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One Country at a Time 0

Batman and Gaucho pair up with Batwoman and The Hood in order to stop an insane scheme by Dr. Dedalus that threatens to bring the civilized world to its knees. The Good Grant Morrison continues to weave a complicated and thrilling web over Batman lore as he introduces new villains and schemes while continuing to expand the Batman, Incorporated franchise. Dr. Dedalus is proving to be another major threat for Batman as it is revealed that he is a character who will play both sides of the fence ...

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Desire the Right 0

The only flaw to reading Grant Morrison's Batman monthly is that the pieces to the puzzle come slowly, but surely.   There is a great advantage to rereading Morrison's Batman in trade, which I do recommend, since he has really brought back the "Detective Comics" dealing with Batman.The arc that started in issue #3 is still panning out till now, Bruce and Gaucho don't make as much impact as they could of in this issue, since this issue was more about The oroboro that Morrison is slowly explaining...

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On to the next one. 0

Batman: Incorporated #5 Okay I'd like to start off by saying that I didn't read the issue before this so if I have any wrong information please forgive me because I just kinda jumped back into this series and not to mention this issue confused the hell out of me but I think I may have the main idea. Okay so The Hood, Batwoman, El Guacho and Batman are working together to take down this insane doctor Deadalus. The first run into an A-list assassin named Scorpiana. Batwoman takes her down. Later B...

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Batman, Incorporated #5 - Masterspy 0

Batman, Incorporated #5 - Masterspy : Well TB as far as Batman Inc. goes it feel like  Batmen of All Nations/ The Club of Heroes    from 50's, also it nice to see that Batwoman back in action as well. ...

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Batman Inc #5 0

Batman's team-up with Argentina's crime fighter, El Gaucho, was sour in the past issue. However, with them both needing to let go steam about Kathy Kane (the first Batwoman), Gaucho has decided to become Batman of Argentina. But with a new crime about to rise, Bruce is going to need the help of Gotham's Batwoman and also England's second Batman, the Hood. How will these heroes stop this new crime before it rises? Find out now! Written by Grant Morrison with artwork by Yanick Paqutte. The Good...

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WTF? 0

Am I the only one that had no idea wtf was going on in this issue?  I've read it twice and I'm still not sure on the details.   Especially the first few pages after they leave the guy in the wheelchair.  Grant Morrison's a great writer, but sometimes his conspiracies are so dense I can't get what's going on.  The artwork was great.  I loved the attention to details as well.  For example, the British guy and the Argentinian guy fighting.  I wonder how many people would get that?  It was such a ti...

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