uzisnoopy's Batman, Incorporated #5 - Asylum review

A Grim Future

After quite some time, fans are once again presented with a glimpse of the post-apocalyptic Gotham which debuted in Batman #666 with this latest issue of Batman Incorporated. Grant Morrison's run is quickly drawing to a close, and we're starting to see a lot of his Bat-Saga's longest-standing plot threads resurface. We finally get to see the future catastrophe which Bruce has been alluding to for some time, and a staple villain of Morrison's run also makes a brief but startling appearance. For the length of the issue, Grant Morrison maintains a brisk pace which keeps the reader eagerly turning the pages to find the cataclysmic climax. Much like previous installments of this series, Batman Incorporated #5 heavily relies on action, which is generally a plus for most Batman fans. The dystopian future is as violent and morbid as you would expect, with Gotham's blazing inferno resembling hell on earth.

Chris Burnham ably depicts Morrison's script, nailing the heart-pounding action sequences with fluid panels and impeccable line texture. While Burnham pencils the fight scenes in all their bloody glory, he simultaneously manipulates the mood of the quieter scenes to contain an appropriate sense of dread. My one gripe with Burnham's work in this issue is his slightly rushed-looking work during the mob scenes, but the lack of detail is understandable given the large number of characters in individual panels.

Morrison fans will no doubt be ecstatic to uncover all of the Easter eggs in this issue's plot, and Batman Incorporated #5 ultimately ranks as another riveting issue in the final act of one of the greatest Batman runs in decades.


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