evanthemexijew's Batman, Incorporated #4 - Kill Box review

The beginning of the end

I love everything Grant Morison does. From JLA to Final Crisis, I've been totally on board for whatever Morison has in store, and this may become my favorite thing he's ever done. While there may have been a slow start due to delays and zero month, this issue alone is obviously ramping up for a big finally. Watching an actual war between Leviathan and Batman inc. is such a cool thing to see, and seeing each member play a part in Batman's overall plan gives you a real sense a how badass these guys are. Chris Burnham's art only helps you take in the action, and while some people will not like the way he makes faces look cartoonish when they are in pain, but that's fine to me, because comics are essentially cartoons. The art problem I did have was with Wingman's face. He should look a lot grittier than he did. Other than that, I have zero complaints about this issue. Overall, the action, dialog & art were all up to par with what I expect from Morison and Burnham. I am a little upset that they're taking another detour to Damian's time as Batman in next month's issue, but I enjoyed it the last time, so all might be well.

Posted by cameron83

I must agree

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