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This is the story of a man and a woman fighting over the heart and soul of their child. Unfortunately for the world, the man is BATMAN, the woman is TALIA AL GHUL, and the child is DAMIAN.

General Notes: Gaucho, Looker, Halo, Freight Train, The Hood, and Batwing's appearances are on cover only.

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Talia: Year One 0

THE GOOD: Chris Burnham is on art duties and I really like the way everything looks in this issue. There is plenty of detail on the pages but not too much. The action is fluid. The most important thing is that the characters convey strong emotions in this issue. There are also some nice homages. The story is very complex to me. Grant Morrison is visiting the origin of Talia, and Damian and it's a very interesting issue. I really like the characterization of Talia in this issue. She is a bad guy,...

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A Woman's Touch 0

This cover dances so close to greatness, but ultimately falls flat. I can't completely decide why. Is it too crowded? It certainly has A LOT going on, but I think removing the characters at the bottom would make it a bit too simple, not to mention I like the way they're laid out ESPECIALLY the empty floating Wingman helmet since we don't know who the new one is. Maybe it needed an actual background? Because the white background is definitely not doing this cover any favors. Oh well.Ugh, what hap...

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Good comic that flashes back on history of Batman 0

I liked this but then again I liked he last issue of Batman Inc, the art is awesome much better in my opinion on most Batman books as Batman and every other character is consistent from frame to frame where as say Detective, Batman and The Dark knight comics all fall short on being consistent in the art department. It's been my pet peeve for a few issues now that Batman, Detective and The Dark Knight comics art is not up to standard for me. But here is no issue in that department.Ok as for story...

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