dynamiccomicduo's Batman, Incorporated #1 - Leviathan, Part One: Demon Star review

A must buy!

Batman Incorporated #1 is an issue that cannot be missed for continuing readers of the series. Even though the issue's #1 distinction may be questionable, Morrison's darkly comedic take on Batman's dealings with Leviathan, coupled with Burnham's stunning pencils, mark a new standard for series featuring the Dark Knight. I am excited to see what Morrison has in store going forward for the series, after a climax that has monumental implications for Bruce Wayne and Batman, Inc. as a whole.


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    Batman Inc. #1 (DC) 0

    So much blood!!The issue gets going from a couple of pages in with a whole bunch of action and blood and beating-the-living-hell out of a bunch of guys in weird masks. Yes, weirder than Batman’s. They look like goat heads. Goat heads trump bat ears in weirdness. This issue also marks the introduction of Bat-Cow, and Damian stating he is now vegetarian.Damian has a price on his head. Apparently set by his mom to get Batman’s attention. At the same time a bunch of villains known as Leviathan are t...

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    Batman and Robin vol1 #1 redux 0

    The Good:Grant Morrison is back on Batman and just as great as ever and its like he never left. This is pretty much a direct continuation of the previous volume and Im really glad that Morrison didnt try to reconcile every retcon coming with the New 52 with what we were seeing before Flashpoint. At the same time however he makes it clear that this does indeed take place in The New 52 with a couple of references. Morrisons crazy characters and interesting narrative are fully present and Chris Bur...

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