noj's Batman, Incorporated #1 - Leviathan, Part One: Demon Star review

Batman and Robin vol1 #1 redux

The Good:

Grant Morrison is back on Batman and just as great as ever and its like he never left. This is pretty much a direct continuation of the previous volume and Im really glad that Morrison didnt try to reconcile every retcon coming with the New 52 with what we were seeing before Flashpoint. At the same time however he makes it clear that this does indeed take place in The New 52 with a couple of references. Morrisons crazy characters and interesting narrative are fully present and Chris Burnhams art is as great as ever. This issue is VERY evocative of the first issue of Morrison's Batman and Robin

The Bad:

That being said it does highlight my one major problem with the book. The art. I know I just said it was good and it IS, but this is a personal thing. Ive always felt kinda neutral about Burnham's art since the faces and the body shapes are a bit strange but his attention to detail and dynamic work are great. He always struck me as a slightly lesser version of Frank Quietly and that has never been more apparent than this issue that visually evokes Morrison and Quietly's Batman and Robin #1. The thing is I just think Quietly did it ALOT better and having them directly compared just highlights this. Sill a great issue with great art.


Like I just said, it was a great issue with great art. I would give it a solid 4.5 out of 5. This is the beginning of the end of Morrison's run on Batman and it is still as great as when he started.


I would recommend it to everyone who really enjoyed Morrison's previous work on Batman but if you hated it this probably wont change your mind.

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Posted by kaijuhero

I was so glad this book is back. Spoiler alert !!! This book is in new52 continuoty because pandora shows up and batman mentions Damian killing nobody. I read this book because I interested in the the batmen and bat mythos. We see batwing and the hood survive their ordeals. Gaucho has healed up. We see tad bit more about the new wingman. What it good about this book is that you didn't need to know much about past continuity. New52 hasn't affect this book much so far.

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