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Batman and Robin vol1 #1 redux 0

The Good:Grant Morrison is back on Batman and just as great as ever and its like he never left. This is pretty much a direct continuation of the previous volume and Im really glad that Morrison didnt try to reconcile every retcon coming with the New 52 with what we were seeing before Flashpoint. At the same time however he makes it clear that this does indeed take place in The New 52 with a couple of references. Morrisons crazy characters and interesting narrative are fully present and Chris Bur...

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And This is Bat-Cow 0

A mysterious person puts a large bounty on Damien Wayne's head and an assassin named Goatboy seeks to kill The Boy Wonder and claim that prize.PlusMorrison's ability to play with the readers' emotions is uncanny. This issue displays a dark and gory theme but the Dynamic Duo's funny interactions throughout the issue were priceless. It's difficult to put Batman in a light where he talks lightly but Morrison pulled it off. Burnham's art wasn't perfect but it was good enough to complement his writer...

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"This Madness is over" 0

THE GOOD: I really like the art. Chris Burnham is an amazing artist and he adds a lot to the backgrounds and the panels always are fun to look at. I really like some of the different looking panels he did in this issue, like the one with the map showing where they are. The story is my absolute favorite part of this issue. We get to see Batman and Robin fighting a group of people with animal faces. It sounds a little weird but it is executed perfectly. I really like seeing Leviathan working a bit...

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Meh... 0

I can only review this issue as a reader that has not read any of the issues from the previous Batman Incorporated series. I decided to pick this issue up because of the ridiculous praise this issue has gotten, it had Grant Morrison as the writer and because it was a first issue, which is usually the perfect time to jump into a series. However, I felt like I was getting the middle of a ongoing story here.A face only Burnham could love.Honestly, I have no idea why this issue is getting so much pr...

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"Make Wif It Muscle-Style, Bratties!" 0

Synopsis   The return of Batman, Incorporated! The assassin Goatboy takes his chances on Robin following a massive bounty being placed on the Boy Wonder's head! The Good   I should probably mention this now, I am a Batman Inc. fanboy. I loved the previous series and I bought this with high hopes for it and I was not disappointed. As well as exploring Batman & Robin's antagonistic father-son relationship, we also get introduced to local killer-for-hire Goatboy and erm.......Batcow?! You read ...

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Batman Inc. #1 (DC) 0

So much blood!!The issue gets going from a couple of pages in with a whole bunch of action and blood and beating-the-living-hell out of a bunch of guys in weird masks. Yes, weirder than Batman’s. They look like goat heads. Goat heads trump bat ears in weirdness. This issue also marks the introduction of Bat-Cow, and Damian stating he is now vegetarian.Damian has a price on his head. Apparently set by his mom to get Batman’s attention. At the same time a bunch of villains known as Leviathan are t...

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A must buy! 0

Batman Incorporated #1 is an issue that cannot be missed for continuing readers of the series. Even though the issue's #1 distinction may be questionable, Morrison's darkly comedic take on Batman's dealings with Leviathan, coupled with Burnham's stunning pencils, mark a new standard for series featuring the Dark Knight. I am excited to see what Morrison has in store going forward for the series, after a climax that has monumental implications for Bruce Wayne and Batman, Inc. as a whole....

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Dead Meat in the Crosshairs 0

For the second volume of Batman Incorporated, the first cover is an absolute knockout. It's a nicely vague representation of the specific events of this issue, plus it's just filled with unique energy, a brilliant optical illusion, a swirling vortex of focus, swirling around the central Batman and Robin duo in the center. Fantastic.Let's face it, this is Grant Morrison on the final stretch of over half a decade of storytelling. Even if this issue WAS new reader friendly, the series would soon dr...

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