What about us!

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Why haven't they created a Batman for the Arabs or the Middle East? I mean come on!
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@Comiclove5: He's the Batman of France though. His race doesn't exactly count.
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Batwing will cover Egypt I guess.

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@fodigg: Egypt is in Africa, not the middle east.

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@batflasharrow96: Yes, I'm aware. Hence, you know, why Batwing would cover it. His domain being Africa and all.

I wasn't relocating Egypt to the middle east, I was saying that's about as close as it gets.

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@fodigg: Wrong Batwing. Also boy all of Africa is hard to cover by yourself.

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@Daveyo520: What wrong Batwing? And yes, yes it is.

edit: pfft, lol. Bad link.

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